Twelve-step buyer process

Cox Realty is well positioned to serve you, with years of collaborative experience to ensure you find the perfect property to make a solid lifestyle investment. 

American-owned and operated, our agency is legally licensed in the state of Quintana Roo. We know and understand the value of full disclosure and buyer agency representation. 

Our only goal is to ensure you purchase the best property, at the best price that fits YOUR requirements. We educate you so that you are well-informed and knowledgeable so that you can make your own best buying decision. 

We have access to all other listings by other agencies, as well as a number of direct sellers. Rest assured you will see all possibilities for you. 

Buying Process:

1) Initial phone call with us, or email, or an office visit, with some questions to understand the specifications of your ideal investment. Information such as price, timing, location, size, amenities, and purpose of purchase (to live, vacation, or invest) are essential to know. 

2) Then we have various emails and phone calls back and forth with property ideas. You can also forward us anything you’ve seen and liked online so we can verify the listing and share more specifics. You get to know the area and relative price points. Many questions are asked and answered during this time.

3) You pick dates of travel to come and view properties. (* Some people omit this step and go right to the offer process). 

4) Your agent will set up a schedule to show you some properties and send this to you before you travel here.

5) View properties.

6) Your first and second choice properties are identified. 

7) We write offers and negotiate prices/terms for you.

8) We introduce you to the best legal counsel to ensure a smooth transaction. The purchase contract is prepared and property due diligence is completed, also ensuring the property is free and clear of liens or encumbrances.

9) Sign the contract and send a deposit, typically 30% minimum. If resale, funds are sent to escrow.

10) Prepare for closing including setting up bank trust / fideicomiso if required.

11) Close with Notary Public on a preselected date. 

12) Get the keys and celebrate!

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