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Build your dream beachfront home in Paradise!

•  536441 sqft other FOR SALE  USD1,100,000 . Priceless!

Stepping off the treadmill of busy life and into refreshing, pure beautiful nature. That is ownership in the Sian Kaan biosphere.

Here with this beach lot, you can build your own idea of paradise in your eco-luxury home.

This large lot for sale in Sian Kaan has 100 m of beachfront (333 ft) and the same in the back to the lagoon.

Within Sian Kaan lots, there are varying shapes and styles of lots.
Lot 22 is a very special lot as is a flat lot, with beautiful palm trees on it.

Let this piece of choice Tulum real estate be your eco-paradise escapist location.

This is one of the last few remaining lots for sale in Tulum in Sian Kaan, a UNESCO World Heritage-protected site.

In the language of the Mayan peoples who once inhabited this region, Sian Ka’an means ‘Origin of the Sky’. Located on the east coast of the Yucat√°n peninsula, this biosphere reserve contains tropical forests, mangroves, and marshes, as well as a large marine section intersected by a barrier reef.

It provides a habitat for a remarkably rich flora and fauna comprising more than 300 species of birds, as well as a large number of the region’s characteristic terrestrial vertebrates, which cohabit in the diverse environment formed by its complex hydrological system.

This is a perfect opportunity to invest in Tulum real estate, and a truly unique piece of property.

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*Please note that lines on the photos indicating lot boundaries are approximate as to survey markers.

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